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Drifting Serenity Details:

Drifting Serenity - The Brain Drain Gang

Hang Drum
A very soft, slow, tranquil and floating underscore.
It is divided into two sections, the first with no percussion and the second part with some very light percussion giving a slightly Latino vibe.
Instruments are layered keyboards and synthesisers,  handpan (hangdrum/pantam) melodic drum, and very light percussion in the second section


calm+ dreamy+ electronic+ emotional+ floating+ gentle+ handpan+ hangdrum+ mellow+ pantam+ peaceful+ relaxed+ restful+ sad+ slow+ soft+ synthesiser+  tranquil+

The Brain Drain Gang Biographical Information:

The Brain Drain Gang are a group of musical colaborators who drain their brains on a weekly basis in order to come up with totally new ideas.
Brain Drain Gang

Drifting Serenity Technical Information:

  • Duration: 1:42