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A world of vibrant music from the North African deserts, through the lush tropical forrests of the Congo basin, all the way down to the pulsating Zulu heartlands.

Tracks Listed In: African music

Preview Track Artist
Reggae Nabongo (20.38MB) - See more info.

Fusion breakbeat reggae, with some "World fusion" additions.

Dave Yowell
Sakanona Ya Mkono (21.88MB) - See more info.

A fast percussive underscore groove with some tension.

Soweto Jolly Jumpy Jive - cues-trans-hits composite (27.47MB) - See more info.

This is the composite file of short cues, transitions and hits.

The Uyolo Guys
Soweto Jolly Jumpy Jive - Full version (39.67MB) - See more info.

A happy and bouncy "Soweto Jive" from Soweto, Johannesburg, South Africa.

The Uyolo Guys
Soweto Jolly Jumpy Jive - Percussion groove (5.35MB) - See more info.

This is a short percussion groove taken from the main version.

The Uyolo Guys
Tabu Tabu (7.97MB) - See more info.

Authentic African percussion with virtuoso djembe solos.

Talking to my drum (8.41MB) - See more info.

A bouncy percussion based track, featuring West African talking drum, congas,  Brazilian cuica,  bells and shakers.

Sultan Makendé
Tribal Bible Bash (6.19MB) - See more info.

Fast and intense and dramatic African percussion groove featuring marimba (balafon), all kinds of hand drums and a molo (African 2 string banjo).

Sultan Makendé
Tropical acoustic guitar cues (14.5MB) - See more info.

A collection of musical cues perfect for any African, Caribbean  or Afro-Latin, tropical scenes.

Cão Preto
Voodoo Hoodoo-FX (13.54MB) - See more info.

Edgy, dark and tense percussion with threatening FX, giving a dramatic feeling of intense danger.

Itamar Dave & Sam


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