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Elevator music and other obvious musical clichés to make you wanna puke!

Tracks Listed In: Cheesy / Kitsch / Muzak

Preview Track Artist
A beer in Korea (11.57MB) - See more info.

A cheesy and happy track with a very Korean / Japanese flavour.

Kim Lim
Afro-Funky Monkey (12.82MB) - See more info.

A fast and funky fusion repetitive electro-mix groove, with a bright and happy feeling.

Sultan Makendé
Bright Polka Waltz-No Drums (21.78MB) - See more info.

A bright and bouncy Polka-Waltz from Eastern Europe.

Sultan Makendé
In the Hall of the Mountain King-cues (36.15MB) - See more info.

A modern arrangement of the well-known classical piece composed by Edvard Grieg for the play "Peer Gynt" by Henrik Ibsen.

Dave Yowell
Jingle Country Bells (12.26MB) - See more info.

A bouncy version of the traditional Christmas song Jingle Bells with a country - ska flavour.

Dave Yowell
Jingle Dingle Bells-full version (15.85MB) - See more info.

A bouncy, grooving version of the traditional Christmas song "Jingle Bells".

Dave Yowell
Jokus rompus (20.97MB) - See more info.

A strange and groovy track with a comic vibe and a  light, Middle Eastern flavour.

Sultan Makendé
Play Away Today (12.25MB) - See more info.

A fusion of Middle Eastern percussion (Darbuka) combined with bass and keyboards.

Sultan Makendé
Teknotic chopstix (44.72MB) - See more info.

This is  a tongue in cheek, electro-tekno-schmaltzy version of "The Celebrated Chop Waltz", also known as "Chopsticks" in some countries, especially the USA.

Sultan Makendé
TRUCE WITH BRUCE-Instrumental (22.15MB) - See more info.

A fast and tongue-in-cheek, old school and dramatic underscore that would work well as a film intro / credits outro, or even a theme song, Inspired by the great Kung-fu hero Bruce Lee.

Sultan Makendé


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