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These are short edits of music, perfect for using as a musical cue or transition between scenes.  

Tracks Listed In: Cues, transitions and hits

Preview Track Artist
Hilife and da good life-cues composite (4.21MB) - See more info.

Happy, tropical  hilife from Ghana.

In the Hall of the Mountain King-cues (36.15MB) - See more info.

A modern arrangement of the well-known classical piece composed by Edvard Grieg for the play "Peer Gynt" by Henrik Ibsen.

Dave Yowell
Jazzy Chops Chopsticks-cues composite (11.52MB) - See more info.

A jazzy and sophisticated rendition of the well known piano piece "chopsticks".

Dave Yowell
Jimmy Jammy Jam-cues-trans-hits (18.18MB) - See more info.

An homage to the late and great Jimi Hendrix, a slow and heavy riff based rock piece.

The Brain Drain Gang
Jingle Dingle Bells-cues-composite (10.06MB) - See more info.

A bouncy, grooving version of the traditional Christmas song "Jingle Bells".

Dave Yowell
Kalimba Kool-cues combo (18.77MB) - See more info.

A bouncy, happy track featuring kalimba (thumb piano) with acoustic guitar, bass, drums and congas.

Dave Yowell
Kiddy McBiddy (7.6MB) - See more info.

A short warm and happy, tropical reggae cue.

Natty Ska
La Bossita Latina-cues composite (24.63MB) - See more info.

A warm and happy Latino fusion of bossa nova with a touch of salsa.

The Brain Drain Gang
Land of the Golden Horn (26.99MB) - See more info.

A fusion of rock and dance instrumental music with a Middle Eastern / Arabian / Turkish / Jewish flavour.

Sultan Makendé
Mimi Na Taka Kizuri - cues composite (9.8MB) - See more info.

This is the cues composite, check out the other and full versions from the links below

Dave Yowell


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