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Mimi Na Taka Kizuri - Bass-Gtr-Piano - See more info.

A slowfusion of African and American pop.

Dave Yowell
Mimi Na Taka Kizuri - full version - See more info.

A slow fusion of African and American pop.

Dave Yowell
Shining winkle tinkle-Full version - See more info.

A soft and delicate combination of acoustic piano, tuned chimes and delicate synthesisers, giving a sentimental and nostalgic feeling with a slightly sad tinge.

The Brain Drain Gang
Funky Fingers - ambient mix - See more info.

An ambient version of what is actually a very funky and groovy track.

Sultan Makendé
Hoping to find a way - See more info.

A soft, sad and delicate waltz, giving a feeling of nostalgia and memories past.

Dave Yowell
We Three Caliphs Of Orient Are - See more info.

Also known as "We Three Kings" and "We Three Kings of Orient Are".

Dave Yowell
A beer in Korea - See more info.

A cheesy and happy track with a very Korean / Japanese flavour.

Kim Lim
Ipanema Beach - See more info.

Sophisticated, cool,  and jazzy Brazilian bossa nova, featuring muted trumpet, acoustic piano, acoustic bass, drums and congas.

Swan Li
Gentle Mental Instrumental-Full version - See more info.

Slow, realxed, soft and gentle, would work under many situations.

Dave Yowell
Gin and tonic - See more info.
Peaceful, relaxed, calm and slow world fusion, featuring marimba (wood xylophone) and Fretless Bass.
Sultan Makendé


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