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Ipanema Beach - See more info.

Sophisticated, cool,  and jazzy Brazilian bossa nova, featuring muted trumpet, acoustic piano, acoustic bass, drums and congas.

Swan Li
Gin and tonic - See more info.
Peaceful, relaxed, calm and slow world fusion, featuring marimba (wood xylophone) and Fretless Bass.
Sultan Makendé
Doobiedub - See more info.
Roots dub reggae in a classic style with stoned dub breaks, in the style of the great King Tubby  inventor of "dub".
Clint Bilton
Ballad Of The Boyne-minus bass and drums - See more info.

A grand, majestic and psychedelic mix of Celtic infusions
This version is lighter, minus bass and drums.

Ballad of The Boyne - See more info.

A grand, majestic and psychedelic mix of Celtic infusions.

Moving Eyes - See more info.
A heartrending, sad and wistful orchestral piece.
Dave Yowell
Orb Raga - See more info.

A haunting combination of swirling electronic drones, overlaid by a very organic Indian type of violin called a Dilruba.

Sultan Makendé
Searching heart - See more info.

Acoustic grand piano in the style of Debussy

Starts out questioning and edgy, then resolves and moves on to a more melodic, sad and wistful mood.

Dave Yowell
Hand Pan Chill - short version - See more info.

A short, relaxing and light cue that would work well as an introduction to a new scene.

Dave Yowell
Hand Pan Chill - Full version - See more info.

A Relaxing and light - this is the full version with a string orchestra introduced to give more of a dramatic build.

Dave Yowell


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