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Tracks Listed In: Heroic, Motivational, Uplifting, Thematic

Preview Track Artist
Stroking My Heart With Your fingers (49.37MB) - See more info.

A soft, slow and emotional, sad and wistful piece evoking feelings of nostalgia, love, and drifting thoughts.

Dave Yowell
The bridal song-organ (21.51MB) - See more info.

The clasical "Here comes the bride" played on a church organ by the German composer Wilhelm Richard Wagner.

Dave Yowell
The bridal song-solo violin (18.17MB) - See more info.
An instrumental version of Wagner's most famous piece, played on solo violin.
Dave Yowell
TRUCE WITH BRUCE-15 second intro (4.67MB) - See more info.

A fast and tongue-in-cheek, old school and dramatic underscore that would work well as a film intro / credits outro, or even a theme song, Inspired by the great Kung-fu hero Bruce Lee.

Sultan Makendé
Waltzing to Whiskey Heaven (11.28MB) - See more info.

A happy, and energetic waltz featuring celtic whistle, acoustic guitars and ukelele.

Wandering in the desert (19.26MB) - See more info.

Strange, ambient, new age, with combinations of electronica, weird Arab /Indian ethnic vocal and Afo-Arabian percussion, giving an uncomfortable and somewhat tense atmosphere.

Sultan Makendé
We Three Caliphs Of Orient Are (20.4MB) - See more info.

Also known as "We Three Kings" and "We Three Kings of Orient Are".

Dave Yowell
What you say (26.65MB) - See more info.

Funky, jazzy and groovy.



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