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Floating, light, delicate and tranquil 

Tracks Listed In: Ambient

Preview Track Artist
Metallic Mystery (17.65MB) - See more info.

 Metallic, thundering clangs and thumps, backed by electronic whooshes .

Dave Yowell
Metro mekanix (19.31MB) - See more info.
Organic, industrial Techno beats with weird and threatening undertones.
Dave Yowell
Miicro genetic invasion (11.35MB) - See more info.
A bubbly, popping fusion of electro organic sounds, with a big bang ending.
Dave Yowell
Mountain Ghost (12.78MB) - See more info.

A haunting Flute calls out across the misty valleys.

Dave Yowell
Mountain Ghost-solo flute (17.89MB) - See more info.

A haunting Flute calls out across the misty valleys.

Dave Yowell
O Lamento por Sofia (27.34MB) - See more info.

A  soft  medium tempo combination of acoustic guitar, ukelele, and string orchestra.

Dave Yowell
Orb Raga (20.97MB) - See more info.

A haunting combination of swirling electronic drones, overlaid by a very organic Indian type of violin called a Dilruba.

Sultan Makendé
Rock a bye baby (1.17MB) - See more info.

A sweet, mellow version of the famous children's lullaby, played by a kalimba (African thumb harp) with acoustic guitar backing.

Dave Yowell
Searching heart (13.91MB) - See more info.

Acoustic grand piano in the style of Debussy

Starts out questioning and edgy, then resolves and moves on to a more melodic, sad and wistful mood.

Dave Yowell
Shining winkle tinkle-Full version (32.22MB) - See more info.

A soft and delicate combination of acoustic piano, tuned chimes and delicate synthesisers, giving a sentimental and nostalgic feeling with a slightly sad tinge.

The Brain Drain Gang


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