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Tracks Listed In: Sad, Tragic, Heart-rending, Distressing

Preview Track Artist
Orb Raga (20.97MB) - See more info.

A haunting combination of swirling electronic drones, overlaid by a very organic Indian type of violin called a Dilruba.

Sultan Makendé
Searching heart (13.91MB) - See more info.

Acoustic grand piano in the style of Debussy

Starts out questioning and edgy, then resolves and moves on to a more melodic, sad and wistful mood.

Dave Yowell
Stroking My Heart With Your fingers (49.37MB) - See more info.

A soft, slow and emotional, sad and wistful piece evoking feelings of nostalgia, love, and drifting thoughts.

Dave Yowell
The Daughter-Oud and guitars (21.38MB) - See more info.

Relaxed and thoughtful, mid tempo Arab / Middle Eastern track, but with a relaxing blues / country music feel.

Al Finjan
The Last Road (31.39MB) - See more info.

A traditional Chinese classical- orchestral piece recorded at Sultan Sound Studios - London, during the Tiananmen Square protests.

Traditional Performers
Wandering in the desert (19.26MB) - See more info.

Strange, ambient, new age, with combinations of electronica, weird Arab /Indian ethnic vocal and Afo-Arabian percussion, giving an uncomfortable and somewhat tense atmosphere.

Sultan Makendé


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