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Modern orchestral with a few well known classical pieces thrown in

Tracks Listed In: Orchestral and classical

Preview Track Artist
Land of the Golden Horn (26.99MB) - See more info.

A fusion of rock and dance instrumental music with a Middle Eastern / Arabian / Turkish / Jewish flavour.

Sultan Makendé
Moving Eyes (15.9MB) - See more info.
A heartrending, sad and wistful orchestral piece.
Dave Yowell
O Lamento por Sofia (27.34MB) - See more info.

A  soft  medium tempo combination of acoustic guitar, ukelele, and string orchestra.

Dave Yowell
Salama Ya Habibi Orch-cues combo (12.8MB) - See more info.

"Salama Ya Habibi!".

Sultan Makendé
Salama Ya Habibi Orchestral-instrumental (37.41MB) - See more info.

"Salama Ya Habibi!".

Sultan Makendé
Shining winkle tinkle-no chimes (31.41MB) - See more info.

A soft and delicate combination of acoustic piano and delicate synthesisers, giving a sentimental and nostalgic feeling.

The Brain Drain Gang
Stroking My Heart With Your fingers (49.37MB) - See more info.

A soft, slow and emotional, sad and wistful piece evoking feelings of nostalgia, love, and drifting thoughts.

Dave Yowell
The bridal song-organ (21.51MB) - See more info.

The clasical "Here comes the bride" played on a church organ by the German composer Wilhelm Richard Wagner.

Dave Yowell
The bridal song-solo violin (18.17MB) - See more info.
An instrumental version of Wagner's most famous piece, played on solo violin.
Dave Yowell
The Last Road (31.39MB) - See more info.

A traditional Chinese classical- orchestral piece recorded at Sultan Sound Studios - London, during the Tiananmen Square protests.

Traditional Performers


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