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Synthesisers and all kinds of electronic beats and noise

Tracks Listed In: Electronica / Electro /Hi-tek

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Matata Mkubwa-No vocals (19.23MB) - See more info.

Matata Mkubwa - Big Trouble in Swahili
A slow an pulsating fusion of African percussion with electronic synths and beats, giving a feeling of tension, anxiety, stress and wierdness.

Sultan Makendé
Matata Mkubwa-synths and beats (19.25MB) - See more info.

A slow and pulsing combination of synths and beats, giving a feeling of rising tension and anxiety.

Sultan Makendé
Play Away Today (15.74MB) - See more info.

A fusion of Middle Eastern percussion (Darbuka) combined with bass and keyboards.

Sultan Makendé
Tekno Hekno (49.22MB) - See more info.

A fast pounding and dramatic fusion of electronic beats, sythesiszers and live darbuka percussion.

Sultan Makendé


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